“I can’t believe you’re actually thinking about keeping it ”

“I am not thinking about keeping it. I am keeping it.”

“So what are you going to do? Just stop? Where will you go? Will you get another job? ”

“I don’t always like what I do, but there are perks to this job. I can travel, there is a great deal of money . It’s made me very wealthy it has allowed me to utilize a very unique skill set… ”

“Then why risk losing it all?” She interrupted

“This is more important, I didn’t want to die alone. I can’t do this forever…everyone knows it in this field. Even you. ”

“What if someone comes after you? ”

“They won’t ” she replied with confidence

“How do you know that?! How will you tell it you’re an assassin? ”

“It!? You mean my child? … I won’t. ” she was annoyed

“Calm down… After all,” Nora gestured toward her stomach and pursed her lips

“Yeah. ”

“Does Nicolas  know? ”

“Should he know? ”

“Is it his?”


“Do you think he should know?”

“No ”

“Okay.” she shrugged “Then, wait to tell him ”

“Or not tell him at all”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” her eyebrows furrowed

“Why? ”

“What would your life have been like without your father? Hell, I loved your father like he was my own.”

“My father was a good guy ”

“Nicolas isn’t?”

“I didn’t say that, but what do we do for a living? Look at what we are ”

Are we bad people Katherine?”

“I don’t know,”

“You’re afraid. ”

“No.” she paused for a beat “Yes” she said  blinking rapidly

“You shouldn’t be”

“Why not? ”

“Somehow I feel you’ll be good at this. Me? I know I can’t do it, but you,I can see you with a kid. ”

“It’s a shame… ”

“What is? ”

“I was thinking you’d make a great godmother ”

“I’d buy your kid knives and teach it how to throw. You really want that? ”

“Sure, why not?”she smiled.” I’m being serious though.”

“I know you are . ” She rolled her eyes “Is it a boy or girl?”

“I’ll find out later ”

“How much later?”

“I don’t know I’ve still got a few months before he or she is here. Why are you so concerned?”She chuckled

“How far along are you? And I wanna buy baby shit. I’ve just realized what a golden opportunity this is to live a normal life vicariously through you and still you know? Work.. ”

“I’m about 5 months I think almost 6 maybe”

Her face fell “You were with Nicolas 6 months ago? I thought you two reconciled only recently?”

“About 6 months ago I was doing a job in Prague, he was there … My bad judgement got the best of me. It happens, then this, I guess” she gestured toward her stomach

She was silent “Oh.”

“Oh?” Katherine paused “What is it?”

“Nothing,” she was jarred from her thoughts shaking her head ” I’ve got to unwind I’ll get going. Plus, you need sleep,  that’s what you pregos do, right ?” she stuck her tongue out at her friend

” Yeah, I guess. Sure wish I could drink some wine,” she laughed

Her friend laughed with her ” Nobody told you to get knocked up” she teased grabbing her bag” I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah,” Katherine yawned waving behind her as she walked toward her bedroom

Nora waved at her friend then turned sharply in her heels and headed toward the elevator. She waited until the elevator door shut to exhale heavily.

“Wow,” she said lightly.

Katherine and Nora had been great friends since they’d met in their last year of university. While Nora studied computer science and learned to develop and write her own code, Katherine honed her language skills leaving her undergraduate career perfecting her thirteenth language.
Both were recruited by a special agency that helped train and further develop their skill sets after Nora hacked the CIA’s file base and Katherine translated many important files they’d at the time thought were harmless. They were friends, valuable to each other. They loved each other like the sisters they never had.

Nora fumbled in her backpack for her mobile phone and punched in the number. There was an answer almost immediately on the other line. “Hey, asshole! Why didn’t you tell me you were screwing my best friend a few months ago in Prague when you so conveniently didn’t show for the abortion you said our relationship needed!?” she spit into the receiver.

“I can explain…” Nicolas said, he paused “But, you’ve got to get out of that building…”

Her heart stopped.


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