“Will it hurt?”

“I’d like to think this will be painful for you…” she said quietly

“I’ve known you since you were real little,” the older woman paused to cough into her handkerchief, the blood had begun “you were always such a lovely child… what the hell happened to you I haven’t a clue.”

“It’s a shame I wasn’t given this information before, I wouldn’t have let you get so old. There’s no real fun in watching the elderly suffer.” she blinked twice

“Good!” she spat “I’m glad there’s no joy in this ’cause I tell you it’s evil what you’re doing Simone, pure evil and you’ll pay.”

“No I won’t,” she stated confidently “This is you paying,” she touched the bloody handkerchief gently

“No you nut job! That’s you poisoning an old woman, I’m sure I had some good years left. Real good ones, I would have made good for all the wrong I’d done, especially to you and yours.”

“This will suffice,” Simone stated plainly

“Ugh… God!” the older woman assumed a fetal position as her body wracked with pain. Tears welled in her eyes “Agh! How long will this take?!”

Simone smiled “As long as it needs to,”

“You’re a bottom feeder,”

“The lowest of the lowest,” she said with mock pride, she went into her bag and from it produced a large blade and a syringe filled with nothing.

“What’d you intend to do with that?” the older woman glared at her.

“They’re my back-up plans,”

“I’ll scream, the nurse will come in here and… ” just then another string of pains wracked her body “Ugh! You’ll burn in hell for this Simone, you will I swear it.”

“Right.” she rolled her eyes “This is taking too long,” she said grabbing the syringe.

“You’re evil, you’re wrong,”

“Just taking a lesson from an old dog,” she cocked her head to the side and watched as the old woman began to sweat. It was happening, but this was getting boring.

“You’ll burn in hell Sim..” she warned

“Yes, well, tell Lucifer ‘hello’,” she said as she leaned over and plunged the air-filled syringe into her vein.


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