“I don’t know why you’ve come here” Nina stated simply

He shrugged, a young boy of 16 years, handsome tall and strong stood before her. He had his eyes, she couldn’t look at them anymore.

“You look like him…,” she mumbled absentmindedly as she began pacing the floor of her loft. Her steps were light, stealthy and calculated.

“I just wanted to meet you I guess,” he finally said.

She paused to look at him “You are all over the news!” She spit at him

“They named me Gavin,” he chewed on his bottom lip “I don’t like the name,” he contemplated for a minute ….

A crease appeared between her eyebrows, that’s a stupid name

“What did you name me ?” He whispered

“I named you Arlo,” she said stopping and staring him in the eye. She looked away slowly.

“Arlo,” he repeated lightly

“Your work is messy,” she chewed on her bottom lip,she began to pace again…

“Was it after my father?”

She stopped abruptly “What?! No, he’s dead…” Her brow furrowed “What do you want?! She snapped.

“I wanted to meet you…I told you that,” His shoulders became tense “How’d my dad die?”

She took a deep breath walked over to the counter and poured a glass of wine. She pushed the loose strands of hair out of her face “People haven’t heard from him in 17 years, most assume he’s dead,”

“So he might still be alive then?”

She took a sip of her wine and eyed him carefully “No,” she said plainly after a beat.

“You don’t know that,” he said defensively

She nodded and smiled lightly “I do,” she blinked.

“How?” he narrowed his eyes

She sighed in frustration “You’re so young…and sloppy, I’ve seen the news,” she sipped her wine eyeing him “I’m not that sloppy… That’s how,”

“You’re like me.” He stated, and it all made sense.

She chuckled and took another sip of wine “No baby boy …you’re like me,”


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