“I have never loved before, but I think this is it” she cleared her throat to keep the tears threatening at bay. She looked at the ground and inhaled sharply, she then looked back up waiting for his response.

“I love you so much I fucking hate you” he swallowed then licked his lips watching her carefully he continued “I’ve never met a person I wanted to be near so badly. I am dying to be inside of you, but I am also dying to wrap my hands around your neck and choke you… I feel insane,”

She swallowed and watched him warily after a beat she retorted “I don’t want this,but it’s like a sweet, addictive  pain”

“Love shouldn’t be this way,”

“I guess this isn’t love,” she said quietly, a tear streamed down her cheek

“Then what is it?”

She shrugged “Hell,”

“OK,” he said “I’m in hell with you”


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