“And why have you decided to visit me today?”

She shrugged “I’m pregnant”

The doctor looked up at her from her notepad nodded slightly and continued writing on her pad. “Why would that warrant an unscheduled visit to my office?”

“C’mon doc, you know why,”

“No,I don’t,” she stopped writing and looked up “which is why I’ve asked,” she slung her head to one side then peered expectantly at her.

“Do people like me …have children?” She asked earnestly, eyes wide.

“Great question…” the doctor began

“Can I love it?” She interrupted

The doctor seemed pleased, she pondered her response carefully “The fact that you’re apprehensive about this baby, and concerned for its well being is sign enough to me that we’ve made considerable progress,”

She was proud of herself

“Hmmm ok,” Nina seemed skeptical

“You don’t think so?” The doctor pressed

“Not really,” she twisted her mouth and peered at the ground in deep thought; her brows furrowed.

“And why is that? I think you’re doing well,” the doctor retorted with confidence.

“I killed its father,”


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